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I hav here drawings and original pictures from Inuyasha


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Kaguranokaze's Profile Picture
Petra Vidas
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Name: Petra Vidas Age: 33 Astrologic sing (sideral): Pisces

Mother languanges: German, Croatian
Education: Prime teacher and German teacher --- Work as: Prime Teacher

I am an decent artist and like only decent art.
I like drawings with characters with decent clothing and decent looks :)

Contact me:
*Facebook (Petra Vidas):…

1. my DA group: DecentArtists

2. My work on Stripgenerator:…

My DA content:
1. drawings (most KaguxSess)
2. fan-fiction (Kaguxsess, orubexcedric) - very decent, prue, plathonic
3. analysis of inuyasha characters and story

I like anime with strong dominant women:
Inuyasha, Ranma, Bleach, Naruto, Dragonball, Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kamikazethief Jeanne, Lady Oscar, Kamisama Hajimemashita
And with calm woman
Amnesia, Gugure! Kokkuri-san, Kyuokai no Rinne, Death note,
Itlaian: WITCH and Angels freidns
American: Adventure time, Futurama

My favourute anime characters:
couples with strong dominant woman:
Sesshoumaru/Kagura, Rukia/Ichigo, Mikasa/Eren, Sakura/Sasuke, Ranma/Akane, Trunks/Pan, Kikyo/Inuyasha, Tomoe/Nanami, Goten/Bulla, Chibiusa/Helios
couples with very calm women:
Sakura Mamiya/Rokudo, Kohina adult), Kokkuri-san, Naruto/Hinata,

*My facebook pages:
1. Gorgeus Art (not my art):…

2. Divinity fasion: (decent fashion)…

3. Gorgeous meme:…

*Pinterest (Petra Vidas): (decent fashion)


Disclaimer: I do no own Inuyasha

Its an alternetive episode to the episode when Kagura leaded Seshsoumaru to the portal of the Underworld.

Seasshoumaru came to Kagura on the clif.

Where is Naraku. K: Your late they already gone.

S: I can see in your voice that there must be another way.

 Sesshoumaru came to the two guardians of the underworld.

When Sesshoumaru, was about to walk to the portal, Kagura took his hand, but then she let it go.

She looked down and stepped back, but Sesshoumarus attention was somewhere else.
She looked upon to his face. He was glaring on his fist.

Seshoumarus heared something like heartbeat and felt a pulsation inside his hand.

S: Kagura. And he rised his hand to her.

Sesshoumaru opened his fist and a red sphere appeared on his palm. A heart formed out of the sphere and was pulsating.

Kagura was in shock.

K: Wathashi no shinzo! 

Seshoumaru looked at his fist.

 He opeed his hand and a red ball started forming and grew into the shape of a heart, that was forcefull pulsating.

S: It seams Naraku will be dispapointed, that I stole this from him.

K: Sesshoumaru! Do not return it to me! While its not inside me I can not die.


Sesshumaru went into the cave where the portal was…

After fighting with them without suceces. He drow the tenseiga.

The guardians knied down and spoke: You may pass.  That woman too.

Sesshoumaru took Kagura and following the scent of Naraku and his brother he came to the crave of his father.

Sesshumaru defeated the guardidans of the underworld.

Sesshoumaru took Kagura and following the scent of Naraku and his brother he came to the crave of his father.

Right in the moment Naraku was about go finish Inuyasha of.


S: Naraku! Kagura is serving me now.

Naraku looked at Sesshoumaru carrying Kagura.

Sesshoumaru opend his hand and a heart formed.

I: Sesshoumaru, how dare you. She does not deserve this.

Narakus eyes wident.

N: How! Impossible!

Inuyasha used that oportunity to be freed form Narakus grasp and attack him.

N: Kagura you will pay for this. He said infuriated.

K: Naraku, I have figured out that I  cant die while my heart isnt inside me.

N: Yes, but nothing prevents me from absorbing you back to my body.

He throw his tentacles at Kagura. Sesshoumaru bloocked the attack.

S: Inuyasha, this is my revenge. So do not go into my way.

Sesshoumaru trow Kagura to Inuyasha.

S: Take care of her.

Sesshoumaru attacked Naraku.

… episode…

Sesshoumaru was engolved by Naraku, trying to apsorb him.

… light rays came pout of Narakuy body. It exploded in an explosion of light and Sesshoumaru came out with a new arm holding a new sword.

Sesshoumaru attacked Naraku with the new sword. And the part that were cut of were dying unable to regenerate. And when he tried to put this parts together to his body, the body it touched started dying. Naraku separated from the dying body.  And put a barrier around him. And disapeared.





  • Listening to: Classical music


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